Xinyi Company Set Off Staff Training Upsurge

- Nov 22, 2017 -

For the deepening and transformation of enterprise management, the introduction of the training team of Guangdong OB enterprise management research institute into the company, for six months to deepen the practice of enterprise management.

The OB team after entering the company, in addition to the corresponding management training, but also in-depth research, find the problems existing in enterprise management, a weak link for prescribing medicine, seeking to solve the crux of the measures and improve the management of enterprise.

Affected by this, the production system of new specialty paper has set off the upsurge of staff training.

Wang Jianming, director of production, began to organize all staff to do technical research training in spare time; the overpressure section of the deepening reform pilot was also active; section chief Jiang Feng trained the staff in this section, and made great efforts to adapt to the deepening management of OB. The cutting section is not weakness, long section of Zongshen also organized the staff of quality control study.                 

At present, the company has production system learning boom is just unfolding, each section in the staff to make ultra rush help than learning, technical level and personal qualities can be enhanced through training.



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