Xinyi Company Hold A Meeting Of Management Improvement

- Jan 03, 2018 -

In December 12, 2017, Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co. Ltd. held on schedule management meeting, leaders of every department also manager Mr.Chen of JinXiang Company have attended the meeting, the meeting is on November and early December the work of various departments and research.

First, we report on the work done in the first half of November and the first half of December by the department heads of various departments. We use PPT presentation method to show the results and shortcomings of the work with data, concise and refined, and put forward the work plan for later stage. At the same time, the leaders of various departments will ask questions and give guidance from time to time. So the management bottleneck in the work has been solved in a timely manner. After the completion of the work report, the management team and Chen manager of Jinxiang company commented and instruct each department leader, and the leaders of each department took the minutes and work arrangements seriously. The final conference is summarized by Miu. He said that the development of Xinfeng group must match a more efficient management system. Managers should have responsibilities, and constantly improve themselves in the work, so as to make Xinfeng develop better and better.

In fact, management is the identity, identity is to help, if every thing you think of it as their own things to do, to each person as your own family, that is not what the problem is communication deal, managers must do 360 degree of communication, which is also the basic requirements for managers.


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