Xinyi Company Held Fire Drill

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Safety responsibility is more than Taishan, safety alarm bells. On Nov. 10, from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Xin Yi Company held a fire drill. The key projects were to teach staff fire safety knowledge, exercise escape routes, practice the use of various fire-fighting equipment, and select more than one security officer. The exercise lasted an hour and a half. Hundreds of employees who participated in the exercise enthusiastically participated in the exercise. After the exercise ended, they all learned that they learned a lot about fire prevention knowledge and improved their disaster response capabilities.

Under the current tense and urgent situation of fire safety, fire prevention and emergency drills have been carried out to prevent and reduce the harm caused by fire accidents and effectively raise emergency awareness among production front-line staff in fire accidents.

The fire drill reached some results: first, before the accident really happened, let our staff understand how to use fire-fighting equipment correctly; secondly, check whether all personnel in the event of emergency, clear their responsibilities and emergency actions Procedures; third, to improve our team's level of organization and coordination and emergency response capabilities, enhance staff awareness of safety.



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