Xinfeng Through The County To Create A Civilized Unit Assessment

- Dec 02, 2017 -

The afternoon of October 21st, the Cangnan County Civilization Commission deputy director Zheng Xiangjin rate inspection team to Wenzhou (Jinxiang) Xinfeng County company to carry out civilized unit assessment. The inspection team members split their heads to build a civilized unit work ledger for the enterprise, and focus on the project comparison check. Then, Zhang Guangren, deputy director of the leading office of Xinfeng office and corporate civilization unit, gave a report to the inspection team about the establishment of the unit's civilization. Civilized county deputy director Zheng Xiangjin listened carefully to the evaluation report and feedback inspection team after he fully affirmed the Xinfeng company to create a unit of civilization, especially to carry out the activities of rich and colorful style and strong corporate culture, business enterprise records for those who are willing to act, companies to public welfare undertakings, Fu the poor and needy deeds, corporate social responsibility to play as a total of five water treatment, energy saving and emission reduction, he praised. He said: "I was very encouraged and moved by the introduction of the report. At the same time, I thank you for the efforts made by the Xinfeng company to create a civilized unit." Then, he also made valuable comments on the inadequacies of the Xinfeng company's work in the creation of civilized units. Finally, he encouraged the Xinfeng company, to create more rich in the future to create a civilization work, more content, in the construction of environment construction, business, further efforts, but also intensify the enterprise civilization, good deeds through various media, and perfect the enterprise civilization to create a civilized unit work ledger do a more refined, more and more real, for the future for the awarded municipal civilized unit.

Wenzhou (Jinxiang) Xinfeng company, not only for the unit of civilization has made a lot of hard work, at the same time, the enterprises in accordance with the county committee of civilization "on the civilization unit to carry out a new round of" Shuangbai twinning and build a civilization "activities of the notice", make full use of civilized units created in culture, talent, information, money and civilized working experience and other advantages, actively play the leading role of the advanced demonstration unit of civilization, to help nurture the village twinning of rural civilization and the prosperity of the rural cultural construction, the beautiful village Maung training new farmers. To this end, the day before I Wenzhou (Jinxiang) Xinfeng general manager assistant, the enterprise to create a civilized unit group leader, deputy party secretary Zhu Shaosheng (on behalf of the enterprise) and the township of four generation Xu village Party branch secretary Xu Peizhu (village representative) signed a village high end, build a civilization activity agreement.

The review has passed, agreement has been signed, but to create a civilization work will be always on the road!


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