Xinfeng Composite Co.,Ltd Participated In The First Batch Of Group Standards Of Stationery Industry

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Package film, book slipcase and erasers are used for primary and secondary school students learning activities, the quality and safety of these products is highly concerned by the national quality inspection departments and the public. In order to enhance the student stationery product quality, ensure the safe performance of brand products, according to the "measures" management standard China stationery and sporting goods association "and" on the book and film slipcase "ten groups Chinese stationery industry standard approval notice", the China teach Sports Association in March 17, 2017, held in Ninghai in Zhejiang "group" Chinese stationery industry standard package of books and films "and" eraser "slipcase start working meeting".

Leading Chinese stationery and sporting goods association chairman Yi Xiaoli, vice chairman of Hu Hongjiang, Chen Guang and other industry associations and effective, concerted, extensive and a number of stationery industry leader and backbone enterprises and testing institutions related personnel more than 20 people attended the meeting. Liu Shuangqiu, director of the two Ministry of industry of the national standard committee, delivered a speech at the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Hu Hongjiang, vice chairman of the board of directors, and Wu Dengkuan, the manager of quality assurance department, was invited to attend the meeting.                 

The meeting of the drafting of the "Deli Group Co. Ltd. package film and the" eraser "and" slipcase group standard text (Draft) of warm, serious discussion, put forward some suggestions for the revision.The drafting group was set up, and the group leader of the drafting group was made by the Group Co., ltd.. The meeting identified the "schedule" and the film and Book slipcase "standard" eraser group. The meeting decided to raise "method package of books film and" and "eraser" slipcase group standard project funds.Thank you for meeting the drafting of Deli Group Co. Ltd. "and" book and film "eraser" slipcase group standard support and hard work.

This is the first group standard of association of culture, education and sports goods industry in china. With the active participation of enterprises, the group standards will play an increasingly important role in the development of the industry.



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