Xinfeng Company Staff Fun Games Held In Recognition Of The General Assembly

- Nov 18, 2017 -

On the afternoon of May 17, the party branch of Xinfeng Company together with the company trade union held the "Taichang Cup" corporate sports meeting and the Cangnan County Workers' Fun Games recognition and conclusion meeting in the lecture hall on the third floor.

Xu Xiaofen, assistant to the general manager of the company, presided at the conference and announced the list of winners. Director of the company office, Zhang Guangren, deputy secretary of the party branch for the recognition of concluding remarks. The company is located in .

He said at the Taichang Cup Business Games, Xinfeng athletes won the men's tug of war champion and women tug of war third, collective skipping impressive results for the enterprise won the honor, to achieve the desired purpose. On May 13 by the Cangnan County Federation of Trade Unions, County Sports Bureau co-sponsored Cangnan County Fun Fun Games, Xinfeng company on behalf of Jinxiang only a show team, the face of the county by 1300 athletes dozens of Support team, defying a strong hand, ultimately won the third place two-man three-legged and women's darts won the seventh place hard-won good results. The two games Xinfeng athletes the results and the style of the scene remarkable, gratifying. In concluding remarks, Director Zhang also commented on the good experiences of good and bad guys who participated in the daily training and appearance of the athletes in the two games. At the same time, they also lagged behind the performance of individual sports, lost medals and the performance of individual athletes Also made a summary of the correction, I hope everyone in the future to participate in the Games and greater enthusiasm to participate in hard training to adapt to different enterprises set up different competitions, in order to achieve better results Jinxiang business level to maintain the first movement Corps Iron Brigade status. The company is located in:

Finally in the cheerful music, winning athletes and all participating athletes, a total of 52 leading coaches came to Taiwan to receive different share of prizes. At the moment everyone's face showed a happy smile.


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