Xinfeng Basketball Team Was Honored With Bronze Medal In The Basketball Competition

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Enterprise workers Basketball Championship started in the Foshan area ! A basketball team of Nanhai Xinfeng composite material Co.,Ltd , who loves sports ,  actively sign up with the support of the company ! Mr.Feng Youhai, Mr.Liu Tao, Mr.Pan Yaozhong and other main teammates represent the company to participate in this competition ! This event sponsored by the Foshan high tech Development Zone, the South China Sea, great influence in Foshan Shishan area, this also attracted a lot of Companies like Xinfeng company and many outstanding enterprise team also attended in the competition . Thanks to teammates outstanding performance in the early stage of the game, Xinfeng team as the dark horse this event killed four !

In the afternoon of November 10th , people gather in the Hexin Square , here "Hexin square cup" 3 people basketball tournament finals are in full swing. Our delegation met one of its strongest rivals in four, three, "new Dongyuan""! "New Dongyuan" is a well-known local enterprise, and their basketball team often win in all kinds of competitions. Xinfeng basketball team in the face of strong opponents, out of the Xinfeng spirit, without fear. A scramble, you come to me, the two sides tightly bite marks. Two minutes before the end of the game, opponents change tactics, more rigorous defense, so that our main scoring force can not be effectively offensive, and finally missed the finals!

But in the next us with another rival for the third tournament, I hold the core team to win! Although not against the "new Dongyuan" so strong, but can enter the semi-finals is not "good", everyone in this event before a race, in the sun, so the two sides have serious physical consumption. Xinfeng team in order to save energy, change tactics, in the ball holding back to get the ball after three points off the ball, see the guard a beautiful ball to the nickname "three points loyal" teammates hand, a perfect parabola, hit! Our new tactics got a good start, and then we made a lot of effort. Under the cheers of the audience, the Xinfeng team scored three points one after another! At the end of the game, the Xinfeng team was ahead of its rivals. The last attack, Xinfeng team a white shirt figure attack, when encountered in the basket blocked, he turned the jump shot, "honk" with a whistle, the end of the game, a press whistle! Xinfeng scored two points again! In the end, the Xinfeng team won third place with an absolute advantage!   

After the game, the awarding ceremony was held on the spot, and our players stood on the podium holding the third cup trophy!             


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