What's Release Paper ?

- Oct 06, 2017 -

Release paper , which is also called siliconized paper , usually has three layers of structures , the first layer is basic paper , the second layer is films , and the third layer is silicone oil .

About the features of release paper , such as the glassine release paper can bear high temperature , prevent water and oil , so it gennerally has applications in food packing industry .

Release paper has a special connection with sticking products , so it is often used in the industries of electronic products , die cutting , printing and etc.

About its classification , it can be divided as white paper , yellow paper , blue paper according to its color ; It can also be divided as siliconized paper and non-siliconized paper according to containing silicone oil or not ; It can also be divided as single-side siliconized paper and double-side siliconized paper according to its siliconizing type .


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