What Kind Of Material In The Artificial Leathe

- Dec 19, 2017 -

What kind of material in the artificial leather is better? Leather is pu leather and pvc leather in general, pvc leather affordable waterproof scratch, the disadvantage is that plastic taste hard, more sensitive to temperature, then the temperature will be softened, cold temperature hardens. pu leather soft, breathable, environmental protection, leather choice, but the price is more expensive than pvc, afraid of water, fear of light, two or three years of aging. Semi pu leather combines the feel of pu, pvc is not easy to aging, made of relatively expensive products, good quality. Waterproof and not afraid of aging.


Therefore, according to these characteristics probably understand, if still not assured, if you want to buy high-end products can be purchased directly super-fiber, microfiber can be said that pu leather advanced version, wear-resistant scratch wrinkle mildew, Leather, you can use 3-5 years will not be damaged, so many advantages but the price is more expensive, but then expensive than leather affordable, so buy a bag like to buy microfibre can be very peace of mind.

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