What Is Artificial Leather? How To Identify Artificial Leather And Synthetic Leather?

- Dec 19, 2017 -

What is artificial leather? How to identify artificial leather and synthetic leather? Artificial leather is an appearance, feel like leather and can replace the use of plastic products. Usually fabric as a substrate, coated with synthetic resin and a variety of plastic made. There are PVC leather, PU leather and PU synthetic leather three categories. Compared with leather, artificial leather is prone to wear and tear, as a result of a large amount of chemical raw materials, which is harmful to human health. Moreover, the garments made from it are gradually losing their market due to their unavailability until replaced by other raw materials.


How to identify artificial leather and synthetic leather? Identification of artificial leather method:

1, press the leather surface with your fingers, there is no obvious wrinkles, such as wrinkles after pressing, it will not obviously disappear.

2, leather no pores, which is an important feature to identify genuine leather.

3, cut corners burn, smell, but non-hair coke smell.

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