What Are The Typical PET Release Film Characteristics

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Many of my friends are also not particularly aware of the release film, but also do not know what the material is better place. First of all, the biggest feature of PET film is very thin, to what extent? You may think the thinnest material you've seen is a transparent tape, but here I'll tell you that the thickness of a PET release film can be as thin as 1/3 or even 1/5 of a normal, transparent tape. Not only very thin, but also very light weight. The film affixed to the plastic film, or is attached to the glass, the average person with the naked eye can hardly detect its existence.

The reason why the PET release film is thin, but the quality is so light, that these two properties can combine to play a great advantage. You may have used the camera but the camera. The surface of this lens without the protection of other substances is very fragile, a little carelessness will make the camera bigger face. So, a lot of very fragile lens surfaces can be protected with a PET release film. With this film attached, the optical power of the lens is unaffected and thinner, with very low weight and light transmission Is also very good, so after the film is attached will not affect the function of the lens.

Xinfeng Group reminds friends that although the PET release film can be used to protect the surface of the lens, it is not the greatest function of the material at all. PET release film, there are many other useful, for example, its ability to exhaust very good, so there are some electronic materials, it is necessary to use a very thin and very strong film to do the protection, but also to ensure that breathable, You need to use this film. As another example, some electronic devices are very sensitive to ultraviolet light, and PET release film affixed to the ability to prevent UV is excellent.

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