Wenzhou Shoe Industry Association Election

- Nov 10, 2017 -

In October 19th, the Wenzhou shoe industry association seventh session of Congress held at the Westin Wenzhou Municipal Committee, vice mayor Chen Jiang, municipal people's Congress deputy director Zhang Hongguo, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Zhentao attended the meeting, Chinese Leather Association director Li Yuzhong, Zhejiang Leather Association chairman Li Weijuan and city departments responsible person to be congratulated. At the meeting, a giant group general manager Pan Jianzhong was elected president of the Wenzhou shoe industry association of the Seventh Council, Xie Rongfang elected executive president, Secretary General Lin feng.

The conference, the city shoe industry association sixth president of the Council of Zheng Xiukang report on the work of the sixth council. He said that in five years the Sixth Council adhere to the "organization, coordination and service" for the purpose, and constantly improve the service capacity, to build bridges, to undertake the transfer of functions, strengthen self construction, efforts to create a good environment for the development of Wenzhou shoe industry, has started Wenzhou "China shoe" brand, has done a lot of very fruitful. Work to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

The General Assembly examined and approved the draft resolution on the tenure of the honorary president of the association. He invited the chairman of the sixth session of the association and chairman of Kangnai group Zheng Xiukang as the honorary chairman of the Association for life. The new and old president completed the handover ceremony.

Municipal Committee, vice mayor Chen Jiang said that at present, Wenzhou to enhance the comprehensive transformation of traditional manufacturing industry has sounded the clarion call, Wenzhou shoe industry will face new challenges and opportunities. He pointed out that the birthplace of Wenzhou city as the national quality and quality Singshih, depending on the quality of life of the city, in the new normal, hope shoe industry can keep attention to the quality of traditional to new heights; secondly, "Internet plus" is to the production field full penetration, I hope the City shoe industry actively to adapt to the new trend, embrace new technology, adhere to the development direction of intelligent manufacturing, accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading; hope shoe industry entrepreneurs Yichengxiangdai to the letter, give full play to the people of Wenzhou "pioneers" of the Wenzhou spirit, the torrent, sharing and win-win.

In order to further strengthen the work of the Seventh Council of the association, and promote the industry to a higher quality, more efficient and sustainable development, the conference invited decision consultants, experts committee consultants and members. On the spot, we also commend Chinese shoe capital enterprises, excellent enterprises, green suppliers, excellent employees, excellent correspondents and advanced workers in fair trade.




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