Types And Uses Of Pulp

- Jul 14, 2017 -

1. Mechanicalwood-pulp mechanical pulp, also known as grinding wood pulp, is the use of mechanical methods of grinding fiber raw materials made of pulp. It occupies an important position in the paper industry. Its production cost is low, the production process is simple, the paper ink-absorbing, high opacity, paper soft and smooth. Suitable for printing. But because the fiber is short, the content of non cellulose is high, so the paper strength is low. In addition, because wood in the wood and other non-cellulose most have not been removed, with its production of paper easy to change yellow brittle, can not be long-term preservation. Mechanical wood pulp usually refers to white mechanical wood pulp and brown mechanical wood pulp two. White mechanical wood pulp is mainly used for the production of newsprint, but also can be equipped with other pulp to copy the writing paper and printed paper; Brown mechanical wood pulp is used to produce wrappers and cardboard, especially industrial cardboard.

2. Sulphatewoodpulp Sulfate wood pulp is a cooking agent using sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide mixture. In the cooking process, because the effect of liquid medicine is relatively mild, the fiber is not strongly eroded, so strong and powerful, made of paper, its folding, bursting and tearing strength excellent. It can be divided into two types: bleaching and not bleaching. The unbleached kraft pulp can be used to make Kraft paper, cardboard bag paper, cardboard carton and general wrapping paper and paperboard. Bleached kraft pulp can be used to produce advanced printing paper, newspaper, uncoated paper and writing papers.

3. The Sulphitewoodpulp sulfite pulp is a mixture of sulfite and acidic sulfite as a cooking agent. The pulp has a long fiber, soft nature, good toughness, strong strength, easy bleaching, and excellent weaving ability. The refining degree can be divided into three kinds: unbleached, semi bleaching and bleaching. The unbleached pulp contains a small amount of lignin and colored impurities, so it is yellow, and the fiber is hard, and it is used for copying medium printing paper, thin wrapping paper and translucent papers. Semi-bleaching pulp contains a large number of tracing, so the transparent and imitation parchment. Bleaching pulp fiber white, pure and soft texture, but due to bleaching treatment, fiber strength is lower than the unbleached pulp. This kind of pulp is used to copy all kinds of high-grade paper.

4. The WASTEPAPERPULP paper pulp system is made from the use of waste paper or printing mill cutting edge of the paper as raw material, through mechanical force stirring and bleaching or deinking treatment. The fiber strength and properties of paper pulp are determined by the type of pulp used in waste paper. However, the fiber is worse than the original fiber because it is damaged again by the chemical solution or by mechanical force. According to the quality of waste paper pulp, the paper is used for copying printing paper, writing paper, paperboard and the lower grade.

In addition to the above mentioned several kinds of pulp, there are straw pulp, reed pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, cotton pulp, hemp pulp and synthetic pulp and so on.

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