The Labour Union Deliver Positive Power Among Colleagues

- Nov 02, 2017 -

In order to deliver the positive energy among colleagues and make our after-work life more joyful , the Labour Union of Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co.,Ltd hold the activity of watching movies in the cinema last night .

       At 7pm , we gethered in front of the cinema and the leader announced the regulations and comity we need to follow during the movie , and then we took a seat in the cinema and the movie was on . The movie we watched is called "The Iron Fist Of Shame" , it is really a very good movie because it's very interesting and bring positive power , which inspire us don't be afraid when we face the baffle in our life and we should sober our minds and keep moving . Most of us are touched and think too much and decide to try harder in our work and our lives .

      We always believe that a competitive company needs everybody's hard work , the harder we try the stronger our company will be , and then the happier life we will have . So , just cheer yourslf up and fight for a better future .


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