The First Staff Sports Meeting Was Successfully Held

- Nov 09, 2017 -

In October 1st , people across the country, in their own way to celebrate the birthday of our great motherland. At this moment, Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co. Ltd. and Wenzhou Xinfeng decoration material limited company held together with a staff sports will open up a fresh outlook,  all employees have spent such a passionate and fun holiday in this particular way .

"Friendship first, competition second", we are in this concept to participate in the sports meeting. The sports have more than 100 employees participating and set up totally 6 games including running, shooting, four leggings, chest balloon rings, tug of war . Each sport can exercise the ability of thinking and acting , we can also develop the spirit of cooperating in the work , this is not only wisdom and physical competition but also solidarity and cooperation competition.

At 7:50 in the morning , all the participants gathered in the square , first of all , the new union representative director Mr.Wang gave a speech of "the first worker sports " . At 8 o'clock ,all the staff in the National Anthem accompaniment sound collective singing the National Anthem Flag, expression of infinite feelings for the motherland . At 8:20, the Games begin formally, and the first item is long-distance running . All the workers were ready to run while the whistle rang , everyone was like an arrow began to gallop, competition with each other, mutual encouragement, sway sweat and passion towards the end point line . The end of running is four leggings, this is a test of solidarity movement project, the one who have the same orders the same rhythm is likely to win the game, the teams are the strength of the players, the game must be in full swing, there are also not very good with the team, because of the rhythm not every player's action is also very humorous, a burst of laughter from the audience. Next is the chest balloon, a light of this project seems to be lovers or couples to participate in, because it is a tacit understanding of the need, but in fact in the ranks of many are male or female collocation collocation, and they have done is very good. Followed by shots, which also got new ideas and logical decoration Xinfeng men of all ages, all in a rush to show their shooting skill, mutual competition between a master begins. Finally to the public project - ring, whether male or female staff employees, whether executives or employees, are involved in the ebullience of this interesting project, although the prize is not easily set, but this did not affect everyone's passion, this play is fun. The last is the Games grand finale - tug of war, several teams are strength, all of them are strong shouldered Tahan, fierce competition each team triggered at any moment, immediately force in the referee's whistle just fell, all mustering the strength in the next to the audience they cheer, finally Xinfeng decoration team won the first prize, each face is full of laughter, after all, friendship first, competition second, the game is not the most important.

The staff sports meeting has set up a stage to show talent, promote friendship and hone will, and provide a platform for "happy sports and healthy sports". Athletes with their own strength and teamwork spirit, out of the style, out of the level, and achieved a double harvest of spiritual civilization and sports results . The general manager gave a speech at the end of the sports , he encouraged everyone to continue to work hard, make persistent efforts to jointly create a better future in Xinfeng.



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