The Explanation Of The Production Process Of The Paper

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Out of paper production process, the first process: Intaglio printing with printed off paper, coated paper, silicone oil, silicone oil, must be printed before it can be made into the back-road process; Second process: PE film (coated with paper production process)

The first process: Intaglio printing, with the printing of the paper, coated paper, silicone oil, must be printed before the process: coating and silicon.

The second process: PE film (coating)
PE laminating machine is a plastic coating machine, the hot melt pe plastic film evenly coated on the surface of the paper, forming a coated paper, also known as plastic paper or plastic paper. is also the production of plastic off the first process of paper.

Third process: silicon coating
Organic silicone oil has incompatible physical characteristics, coated silicon is the use of coating machine silicone coating on the surface of other materials to form a layer of silicon, called the Silicon Oil paper (film), so as to achieve non-stick, oil-proof role, is the production of paper-proof, adhesive-resistant, and the main material of the film.

Fourth procedure: Slitting
Because my company has large-scale coating production line, and customer demand is generally narrower or single finished products, so the last process is the large volume of the paper (film) cut into the customer needs of the finished product.

Fifth procedure: knife-throwing
After cutting into rolls of coated silicon paper, from the film or coated paper and then through the paper-throwing machine to cut into a rectangular sheet of paper, to meet the customer's need for ping Zhang.

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