The effect of the transparency of the paper

- Jul 14, 2017 -

The transparency of the paper is often distinguished by color, the difference between the transparency of the paper also distinguishes the use of paper, so the different transparency of the paper, what role?

1. Non-transparent paper
The opaque type can be divided into two kinds: yellow and white, and the structure is divided into two kinds: the pre coated PE coating and the PE coating. Coated PE coating has two purposes: one is to seal the paper surface of the pores to make it smooth, coating the silicone oil on it, reduce the amount of coating, can reduce the cost; another function is to improve the die-cutting characteristics, because the PE coating is equivalent to a cushion cushion, with a certain degree of toughness and flexibility, can reduce the rupture of paper. The practice shows that the paper with PE coating is far less than the paper material with PE coating.

2. Translucent Paper
Translucent paper, also known as thin paper, at present, die-cutting pressure sensitive adhesive materials commonly used glassine paper.
Glassine out of the paper has two indicators will affect the die-cutting quality: one is the thickness uniformity, the second is the fiber structure. The thickness uniformity of the paper is the most important, in particular, circular die-cutting, because the size of the die-cutting knife roll from the thickness of the paper, if the thickness of the paper is uneven, the blade will cut through or cut off the paper, to the waste process to bring trouble.

In fact, there is a lot of separation of paper, transparency is only one of the distinctions, such as color, material and so on are the factors, of course, different types of paper use is not the same.

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