The Difference Between Thermal Curing And UV Curing .

- Sep 12, 2017 -

As the first generation curing technology , thermal curing is still widely applied in curing industry in many developing countries and areas . It's welcomed by us for a reason . First of all , the technology it requires is fit to our industrial development levels , so it's easy to operate for us . Secondly , the matched silicone oil is not so expensive to us , so the low production cost makes it possible for us to offer the cheap price to our customers .However , thermal curing does have many defects , such as the machines can't run faster than 200m/minute generally , also it can bring some air pollution .

With the development of technology , then comes the second generation curing technology -- the UV curing .It is efficient and easy to operate since the machine can run 400m/minute and only need 1-2 employees per curing machine . Meanwhile , it's environmental-friendly as it doesn't has the volatile organic compound . But the UV curing silicone oil is very expensive , which makes the production cost is high .

Both thermal curing and UV curing have its own advantages and disadvantages , it depends on your pratical situations .

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