Tell Me About The Type Of Paper That Leaves Paper

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Tell me about the type of paper that leaves paper

We all know that the variety of varieties of paper, according to different classification methods have different types, if it is in accordance with the processing process to differentiate, there are plastic off paper and plastic-free paper. There is a two-way process to get the plastic off paper, respectively is the film and coated silicon, first of all, to the ordinary roll of paper coated with a thin layer of PE film, and then on the top of the film coated with a layer of silicone, thus becoming a plastic off paper. In addition, because the paper is divided on both sides, so according to the different processing methods on both sides of the paper, this is divided into two plastic paper and mono-plastic single silicon off paper. In general, the plastic-free paper will be hot-melt PE plastic coating on the surface of the paper in advance, this can make the surface smooth, and then for the subsequent preparation of silicon, so it can choose the lower cost of Kraft paper, writing papers and even recycled paper as a substrate for paper, it is visible to the substrate is not particularly selected. Generally speaking, ordinary paper is composed of plant fiber, the surface of the paper is not smooth, texture is also loose, it is not suitable for direct coating silicone oil, because in the coated silicone oil will be directly penetrated to the inside of the paper and the back, so it needs to be prior to the surface of the paper processing. Generally, there are two ways to handle it: one is to paint the surface of the paper, so as to form a thin layer of PE plastic film, so as to form a coating paper, and the other is directly the surface of the paper through special treatment, thus forming a high brightness and smooth surface, that is, Glassine paper.

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