Simple Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The Paper

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Simple analysis of the characteristics of the paper

The paper is also a silicone paper or anti-sticky sheet, mainly used for the isolation of sticky objects. The main features of the paper are as follows:

1, from the moisture-proof paper, temperature and so on. The paper contains silicone oil, and silicone oil has a certain temperature resistance, but this is mainly in the use of products, as well as domestic and imported silicone oil selection. General silicone oil temperature can reach about 150 degrees.

2, release paper stripping Force: Stripping force refers to whether the product can be easily torn down, of course, there is a strict test procedures. Small slitter, the international current main use of GB, stripping force unit is grams. According to the results of the test is not the same, generally divided into three procedures, light, medium and heavy off type, light type is when the release of paper and adhesive tape can be easily peeled off, and in the form is not very easy to peel off, and the heavy separation is very difficult to peel off.

3, the cleanliness of paper, in fact, refers to the appearance of cleanliness and cleanliness. Because the work environment of the paper factory is different, it is very difficult to be in the dust-free room, in general, the plant better in environmental protection and environmental aspects have a great advantage, because these will have an impact on cleanliness, a lot of the cleanliness of the paper is not in the production process is contaminated, the big program is due to cut, because the cleaning of the factory is not high, resulting in electrostatic adsorption only out of the dust.

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