Safety Training Meeting

- Nov 22, 2017 -

The importance of safety shows the attitude to life, the reverence for life and the value of life. Do security work is doing good in the world, it is a heavy responsibility, the responsibility of production safety, production efficiency depends on the work in harmony, mutual help, mutual alert, "do not hurt themselves, not to hurt others, not hurt others" as the center, always put the safety of the work in the first place. Efforts to achieve the safety protection of a place, do no danger of anything going wrong.

Xinfeng (Jinxiang) company held the 2017 annual staff safety training meeting, 168 people participated in the training, focusing on fire knowledge, fire equipment, fire escape skills to explain, on-site operation drills. In the past, some safety cases were analyzed, and the key nodes of safety in production were described, so as to strengthen the safety awareness of employees. Tell the staff responsible for their own, responsible for family, responsible for the society with the idea of "people-oriented", to make risk analysis of each work, control work and production safety measures, everyone will be "safe production" in mind, in front of production jobs, should be more to protect their own safety and health a sincere heart, with the safety regulations and careful production concept to create a good environment for enterprise production.

Security means happiness and peace, is to ensure the life of diamond lock, it is entrusted with many family expectations and exhortations, safety is the eternal theme of enterprises, many practice has proved that the reform development and stability, to leave the safety of the benefit of the enterprise is impossible, it can not guarantee the interests of employees, only if we work together. The Great Wall of steel building a safety, let the safety clock stop, so that the safety and life of peers, youth and security go together, let us work together to be a safety, establish peace monument.

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