PET Release Film Used In The Diaper

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Many times when it comes to the term PET film, most people's first reaction is its industrial use. Did not think it can be used on the diaper. So today we take a look at PET release film-related knowledge.

    First of all we have to know PET release film is another name, is PET silicone film, why it is called PET silicone film because it has a silicone layer on the surface, then why add a layer of silicone oil layer on the surface? Its purpose is to achieve the effect of reducing the surface of our adsorption force. Of course, our PET silicone film can also be divided into single-sided and double-sided PET silicone film. According to our separation force, of course, according to the level of intensity divided into heavy-duty PET silicone oil film, medium-sized PET silicone film, low-PET PET silicone film. At present our PET silicone film is the main application areas of our packaging industry, for offset printing, equipment packaging, there is the health care products (that is, such as diapers).

    Since our PET release film can be used in the field of hygienic care products, it is bound to be very strict on the quality of our products, so we should not seek for the cheap. Ordering PET release film must be formally qualified manufacturers to compare options order. The same after-sale protection is also necessary, we have signed a contract with the PET release film when the contract must be some problems that may arise will be incorporated into the contract, to avoid the future of both the unnecessary trouble.

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