PET Release Film Corona Is How Is It

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Before introducing the release film corona, let's look at the gravure printing. The reason why we want to introduce gravure printing, the main method is to use this type of PET release film. We usually see a lot of New Year's holidays to send a gift, the outside of the box above the packaging printing is particularly beautiful, in fact, is the choice of gravure printing in this way to make the surface can have a beautiful pattern.

I believe many people had such an experience when they were young, that is, the Chinese New Year presents the gifts they have received and tearing them apart. Some people even tear the box apart. When it is torn, paper-wrapped boxes The surface has a very thin layer of film, these beautifully printed designs are actually on the surface of this layer of film. This is the use of gravure printing technology, the PET release film shot on the different exquisite patterns.

Read the friend described above for the PET release film in gravure printing applications certainly have a very intuitive understanding. Here to specifically explain why the gravure PET release film will be designed to corona. If it is a painful PET release film, the surface of the film is very smooth, no matter what the printing method, no matter what the adhesive is used, it is not easy to leave a pattern or imprint on the PET release film surface. However, since PET release film performance is very good, how can people wasted so good material in vain, after repeated studies, it was found that the PET release film on the surface of the corona treatment, after After processing, you can use gravure printing on the surface of a variety of beautiful lines printed.

Xinfeng Group to tell you that the so-called PET release film corona, in fact, is the use of high-frequency discharge and high-voltage way, in the PET release film surface produce ionization effect, so that the surface can Suitable for some high scores of adhesive or printing material left, which gives the printing pattern to create the conditions.

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