Performance Requirements For Release Papers Used In Synthetic Leather

- Dec 20, 2017 -

(l) intensity

Release paper should have a certain strength, the performance of the production process and the smooth operation of the paper has a significant impact on the frequency of use. When the production line in continuous operation, the release paper to withstand a certain tension, while repeatedly subjected to high temperature in the oven and cooling roller cooling, still need to maintain a flat state, the paper, no deformation. Therefore, the release paper in the repeated use must have sufficient strength. If the strength of the paper is not enough, sudden rupture during use will interrupt the production and cause loss. Release paper has high tear strength requirements. When the release paper has a tear in the width direction during use, it must be able to withstand a certain tear load. At the same time the surface strength requirements are also higher, requiring the use of heating, the general use of more than 6 times without curling, the surface can not afford to powder, is not destroyed [10].

(2) Surface uniformity

Surface uniformity includes the following aspects:

① release paper surface must be able to maintain uniform release ability;

② release paper surface gloss should be uniform;

③ flat-type release paper to maintain a certain degree of smoothness and thickness of the same;

④ embossed release paper to maintain a certain thickness and pattern uniform;

⑤ After repeated use, release paper still have to maintain a uniform state.

(3) Solvent resistance

Release paper in the production process commonly used to many solvents, release paper must not be affected by the solvent, it should not dissolve without swelling. Commonly used solvents are dimethylformamide, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate and polyvinyl chloride synthetic leather in the production of plasticizers (such as phthalates, etc.) [2].

(4) suitable peel strength

Release paper to have the appropriate peel strength. If the stripping is too easy (the adhesion of the coating is too small), the coating film may leave the paper base, detached or curled during the processing so that the next coating can not be processed. The defect is called pre-stripping. If the peeling is too difficult, it will affect the number of repeated use of the paper (adhesion too much), after processing, the coating film can not be successfully stripped from the paper, resulting in peeling tear the paper will affect the paper repeat Use the number of paper. The suitable peel strength is generally 0.147 ~ 0.196N / cm.

(5) high temperature performance

Release paper to be used at higher temperatures, at this time the release paper is near absolute dry state, if its heat resistance is not good, after the high temperature production process, will be reduced due to strength and tear, can also lead to production Interrupt, it is required to release paper to have higher heat resistance. General PVC varnish for release paper is required to withstand a maximum temperature of 220 ° C while release paper for polyurethane varnishes is required to withstand a maximum temperature of 150 ° C while requiring heat treatment for 2 to 3 minutes [11].

(6) Flexible

This is because the release paper passes through the small guide roller during the coating process, and it is important to keep the release paper reusable with some flexibility. If the release paper pattern, then the manufacture must have some flexibility, so as to avoid the pattern in the production of damage.

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