Paper Industry Has Entered A Period Of Accelerated Integration

- Nov 24, 2017 -

With the total amount of paper entering the balanced development period, the paper industry will enter the accelerated integration period. The output of paper industry keeps low growth, and the internal structure of the industry will be continuously optimized. In the process of accelerating the integration of paper industry, the enterprise profits are polarization, the profitability of the dominant enterprises is increasing, and the inferior enterprises are gradually eliminated.

In the future, China's paper industry output growth will continue to be higher than the growth rate of consumption, while China's supply side reform and environmental supervision efforts continue to increase, so that the industry in environmental protection and market pressure, enter the accelerated integration period. Through the elimination of backward production capacity and mergers and acquisitions, large mills will rely on the scale and cost advantages, increasing its market share, industry concentration will continue to increase; through the transformation and upgrading of the "going out", the development of cross-border paper-making enterprises increased, while the high-end paper industry development, high-quality products, low quality products will occupy the high-end market. A kind of paper, paper occupy the low-end market, differentiated, customized, personalized products will increase.

From 2010 to 2015, China has 37 million 310 thousand tons of capacity of paper mills due to not meet the requirements of environmental protection by the government departments shut down, the implementation of related environmental policies have been forced to upgrade the industry.

China plans to "13th Five-Year" during the shutting down of 8 million tons -1000 tons behind the paper-making capacity, mainly out of current production enterprises or environmental protection does not meet the requirements of enterprises, is expected to strict law enforcement, there will be more than 100 enterprises have been closed. In the long run, the demand for wood pulp will continue to increase as more and more modern machines take the place of this backward production facility.

Since 2016, eco environmental protection has become a new focus. The Ministry of environmental protection on governance, from the importance of EIA attention to actual emissions from key polluting industries, pay close attention to the power of paper-making enterprises issued emission permits, from the inspection frequency to regulatory enforcement, can realize the government governance environment determination, strict law enforcement is represent the general trend of future.

On the supply side reforms, "The Belt and Road" national policy under the background of the paper industry in the optimization and upgrading. Supply side reform to encourage quality and efficiency, the paper industry is expected to import 2 million tons of paper, some will gradually by domestic substitution. Capacity to remove zombie companies, manufacturers have the advantage for market space vacated; China's layout of "The Belt and Road, encourage superior production to go out, it will drive the global pulp consumption market. In 2014, China to The Belt and Road along the countries and regions to export 3 million 987 thousand tons of paper and paper products. In 2015, China exported 1 billion 222 million tons of pulp and paper equipment, an increase of 15.51% compared with the previous year.


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