Notice About Establishing Wenzhou Xinyi Logistics Co.,Ltd

- Oct 24, 2017 -


In order to optimize the logistics management of Xinfeng Group , cut down the cost and increase the profit , now we are establishing Wenzhou Xinyi Logistics Co.,Ltd . Xinyi Logistics is mainly responsible for the logistic of Xinfeng Group , and we elect Mr.Qiu xuekang as our general manager , who will focus on the transportation service of sending out and taking over goods .

      Xinyi Logistics has been handling the logistics of Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co.,Ltd and Xinfeng Decorative Materials Co.,Ltd for 6 monthes , and we thank for their outstanding work .  From now on , Xinyi Logistics will still cut down the tranportation fee and guarantee the satisfying service in the same time , and will take care of the logistic of the rest companies belonged to Xinfeng Group .

      We hope all the related departments cooperate actively .

Office Of General Manager

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