No Quality, No Future

- Nov 22, 2017 -

In April 2017 22, 23, two days of OB lean management training camp in Guangzhou Tianhong Hotel opening. I appointed by the company had the honor to participate in this trip activities, benefit, personal feelings and opinions to share with you.

The theme of this activity is "quality cost improvement", through the concept of explanation, practical explanation, form action exercises, so that students learn to use the experience of this skill.

How to improve the quality and ensure the quality, I think there are a few points need to pay attention to:

1,.words and deeds, only talk. "Word" refers to the company's relevant documents or work instructions and the like. "Line" refers to the specific operation, that is, the implementation of the provisions. It should be done, to write, write to do.

2.Just do not remember. Mainly refers to the staff in the work process do not pay attention to records or do not keep records. This is why we give the same customer's goods, sometimes sometimes, and sometimes a part of the shipment doesn't work. This often happens. If we keep the parameters in record when we do it, every time we strictly execute the parameters according to the record, how can there be such a quality instability phenomenon?

3.Substitute administrative order for quality system. Quality system as a norm, to ensure the normal operation of the company, the importance of communication and collaboration of each department is self-evident. By some leaders or not pay attention to quality or quality concept is not strong, a word of waste.

4.Randomness. Mainly change the formula and operation mode, do not discuss or opinionated, resulting in the product does not apply to customers.

5.Avoid the premise of quality. I think the customer is waiting for our goods, the quality will be relaxed, there will be no problem. Maybe at that time, customers would not complain, and terrible would be terrible here. Long time will cause negative impact on the company, the customer clearly our quality, is to give us negative publicity, sell more impact on bad, once the competitors reached, the consequences will not need to speak.

6.Gradually relax yourself. For example, the customer's single entry force is 20-30g, and the result of our test today is 32g, 32g is almost the same, there should be no problem, does not affect the use of customers, well, this may not have a problem. The next test result is 35g, you say, the last customer 32g use no problem, this time 35g should also be similar... In this way, our requirements are relaxed and the standard is nominal.

7.Too much emphasis on cost reduction. Perhaps the silicon content of this product with the best 0.5g customers, in order to save the cost of our customers with 0.3g can also be used, but perhaps this is the critical point of the problem, 0.3g risks certainly higher than that of 0.5g, the spirit of saving and applicable principle, we can apply 0.4g? It should be. Not only achieve the purpose of saving, and can effectively guarantee the probability of the product, which is not good?

As a member of Xinfeng, looking forward to the future of Xinfeng, good quality, a hundred years of enterprise is not a dream.


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