Liner Paper And No Lin Mo Points

- Dec 23, 2017 -

There are many varieties of release paper, there are different types according to different classification, if it is in accordance with the processing technology to distinguish, then there are plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper.

  There are two types of plastic release paper through the process, respectively, lamination and coated with silicon, first of all, to the ordinary paper roll coated with a thin layer of PE film, and then coated with a layer of organic film Silicon, this has become a plastic release paper.

  In addition, as the paper is divided into two sides, so according to the paper on both sides of the different treatment methods, so that is divided into double-plastic release paper and single-plastic silicone release paper.

  In general, plastic release paper will be pre-hot melt PE plastic layer coated on the surface of the paper, so that you can make the surface smooth, then follow-up for the preparation of silicon, so it can choose the lower cost Kraft paper, writing paper and even recycled paper as the paper substrate, we can see it on the paper substrate is not particularly pick.

  In general, ordinary paper is composed of plant fibers, the surface of the paper is not smooth, loose texture, it is not suitable for direct coating of silicone oil, because the coating of silicone oil will directly penetrate into the paper inside and back, Therefore, the surface of the paper needs to be processed in advance.

  In general, there are two ways to deal with: First, the surface of the paper coated plastic, so that formed a thin layer of PE plastic film, which forms a coated paper; and the other is the paper directly to the surface After special treatment, to form a high-gloss high-smooth surface, that is, Gela Xin paper.

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