Jinxiang Science And Economy Association Held A Symposium

- Dec 03, 2017 -

In November 7, 2017, Jinxiang Science and Economy Association held the 30th anniversary in Jinxiang Entrepreneurs Association conference room . The meeting was convened by the mayor Liang Yijun, who is the president of the association of lifelong Honorary Advisor . Jinxiang chamber of Commerce Zhang Renliang, Kinji gold gold township Entrepreneurs Association President Chen Jia. And contribute to the association of veteran, old comrades attended the meeting.

During the symposium , the delegates at the conference reviewed the historic and landmark figures of the early years of the Jinxiang science and Economy Association , they also discuss the  prospective development of Jinxiang town .

The entrepreneurs , who participated in the establishment of Jinxiang Science and Economy Association ,  is the first pioneer of reform and  daring fighting generation.But they have a particularly valuable spirit, which is a deep feeling for hometown .Because of the geographical location of Jinxiang, many enterprises want to be large and can only develop outside.But at the same time, when developing abroad, they chose to stay in Jinxiang as their "roots". They continued to contribute to Jinxiang's industrial development and tax revenue, also gave generously to all kinds of philanthropy. Meanwhile , Jinxiang entrepreneurs do not change radically steady, multi enterprise situation, mostly steady, although development is slow, but can withstand the storm, several domestic and international financial crisis have little effect on the development of enterprises in Jinxiang . This style of steady development will be the basis of the good development of industry in Jinxiang town . At the same time, we should also see the annual output value and development prospects of many Small and micro businesses , but because of lack of land, lack of policy, the development of Small and micro businesses was limited . So , promoting the standardization of plant construction, aiming at helping the development of small and micro enterprises characteristics should be our goal and offer a better support for the development of Small and micro businesses. 

Actually , Jinxiang have a very good foundation for a better development , we need to unite masses , help each other ,  keep deep feeling to his hometown, and be willing to serve for his hometown.But at the same time, there are three points to be paid attention to: first, the idea should be open and the eye should be long - term. The development of Jinxiang should be comprehensive, not only to develop towns, but also to develop towns, break the confinement inside and outside the city, and develop comprehensively through openness and inclusiveness. Two, we should have innovative ideas. "The glorious period of Wenzhou model" has been in the past, but the "Wenzhou mode" in the spirit of innovation to inherit, summed up the history, traveling light, to see the way. Three, give full play to the role of the association. Jinxiang business association, Jinxiang science and Technology Association of economic information is a kind of system instead of government management, the government management function in the society at the same time, but also give full play to the role of self-discipline Association, for my town industrial economic development, maintaining order in the industry to provide a solid force etc..


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