Jincheng Qingqing Qingqing, Xinfeng Help Tim Timothy Chapter

- Dec 18, 2017 -


The ancient charm played a new chapter, string Qinghua Christmas, fruitful harvest in the season, the Lunar September and a half (November 3) Jinnian coastal town of Jinzhou ushered in the 630th anniversary of the founding of a grand and warm celebration.

It was the morning of the opening ceremony held in Jinxiang two small playgrounds. Cangnan County Party Secretary Huang Rongding led four county team leaders to witness the event. In his congratulation speech, Secretary Huang pointed out that "the course of development of Jinxiang is a history of fighting against foreign enemies and defending one's homeland. It is also a pioneering history of advancing with the times and courageously pioneering. Hard-working hands, creating a brilliant history, leaving a precious spiritual wealth and cultural heritage. "

When the county party secretary Huang announced the 630th Anniversary Celebration of Jinxiang City started its parade, it suddenly boiled in the playground and immersed in the joy of the sea ......

East Gate dragon puff, magnificent; South Gate Dafeng, the gold wings play, dancing Xiangyun; Simon lift Court, volley clever play, shine; North Gate lion dance, dry boat, brilliant, fascinating; There are historical figures, "non-heritage" successor phalanx, all the way parade all-powerful, gold and iron horses, flag hunting, majestic, drum sound ...... Iron Army square, education square, the team a strong lineup, Travel all the way to attract people's attention. This year's celebration parade, the ten companies formed a phalanx, each superb, stunts, with different shapes, different highlights, different colors float, marching in the mighty parade. Participate in the celebration of the parade of the ten companies can be described as the same year in Jinxiang 600 years of celebration activities do their utmost, Qingqing help, which once again won the applause of the community!

The Xinfeng company in this celebration parade composed of 70 people to participate in the parade party team, the parade by the six new Feng Wei handsome guy Zhiqi open, "Xinfeng Group," the four characters, especially large bright Under the red flag is particularly striking: dressed in a red cheongsam, elegant instrument graceful Xinfeng Group First Lady Xu Yuqin leader, walk in the front of the party, and then dressed in uniform new tooling, wearing a red travel cap, shoulder Phi Red ribbon, hand red bunting, wearing a unified sports shoes Xinfeng handsome, beauties all the way full of energy, consistent pace, slogan tidy, waving a banner. Then come slowly to show in front of the audience Xinfeng floats to science and technology as a productive force, creating brand responsibility as the theme to rocket, Chinese form for the table, with Xinfeng logo, accompanied by waves, ancient city brick ... ... the whole A floats concept of novelty, unique shape, colorful, full of festive auspicious, profound meaning. Seen from it, in the rich and powerful motherland, in the hometown of beautiful and affluent hometown, Xinfeng company is chopping waves to a better and brilliant tomorrow! Although she was close to Hypnosis during her stay in Xinfengfangzhen, she was full of energy, full of energy and spirits. She waved her banner and chanted her slogan to participate in the day and night parade with her staff from beginning to end. Each parade stood Walking more than four hours, she demeanor, her spirit won the ten moat on the road thousands of viewers have praised praise. People still remember that this is the third year of her participation in the ancient city festival parade, it is clear that she was full of love for his hometown!


The scene of the 630th anniversary of the founding of the city yesterday re-focused on the wisdom and wisdom of the people of Jinxiang, highlighting the outstanding local people, rich cultural heritage, ancient flowing flowing source ... Fortunate to participate in the celebration of the 630th anniversary of the founding of the city, will leave an unforgettable life memory……

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