Influence Of Gerasing Release Paper On Die Cutting

- Dec 23, 2017 -

Glassine release paper quality is the key to affect the quality of die-cutting, release paper thickness, flatness, fiber structure and strength have a direct impact on die-cutting quality. At present, the commonly used release paper is divided into two categories, namely opaque release paper and translucent release paper. Opaque release type pressure sensitive adhesive paper material generally more than 90g / ㎡, there is a certain degree of stiffness, suitable for sheetfed printing, web printing is also suitable for finished labels and more for manual labeling. Transparent release paper PSA is generally 60-70g / ㎡, the release paper fiber has a certain density or tightness, mainly for web printing, not suitable for sheet-fed printing, finished labels for automatic paste Standard.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive material requirements of release paper flatness, uniform thickness, the same overall transparency, the greater the better density, in order to facilitate complete die-cutting of the substrate.

1, opaque release paper

Commonly used opaque release paper to distinguish between color can be divided into two kinds of yellow and white; to structural distinction, divided into pre-coated PE coated paper and without PE coating two. Coated PE coating has two purposes: First, seal the surface of the paper pores make it smooth and coated with silicone oil to reduce the amount of coating, can reduce costs; another role is to improve the die-cutting characteristics, because the PE The coating is equivalent to a layer of cushion, there is a certain degree of flexibility and flexibility, can reduce the breakage of release paper. Practice shows that, with PE coated release paper, anti-fracture performance is far lower than the release paper without PE coating material.

As the thick release paper label is mainly used for manual labeling, die-cutting quality unfriendly manual labeling has an impact, such as die-cutting, manual discharge will be together with the label to be peeled off; if the release paper cut or Cut halfway, the operator is also very difficult to expose the mark.

Opaque release paper Die-cutting on a flat die-cutting machine, the common fault is the release paper fracture, so to ensure die cutting knife accuracy and liner formation, based on the flatness should be selected as good as possible, large fiber tension and thickness uniformity Release paper to improve die-cutting quality.

2, translucent release paper

Translucent release paper, also known as thin paper, at present, die-cutting pressure-sensitive adhesive materials commonly used Ge La Xin release paper.

Gela Xin release paper has two indicators will affect the quality of die-cutting: First, thickness uniformity, the second is the fiber structure. Among them, the thickness uniformity of the release paper is the most important, especially in the circular die cutting, because the size of the die cutter roller is determined by the thickness of the release paper. If the thickness of the release paper is not uniform, the cutting edge will cut through or Can not cut off the release paper, to the waste disposal process to bring trouble.


Glassine release paper fiber structure of the round die-cutting, the main impact on die-cutting speed, because fiber strength directly affects the waste breaking speed, the faster, the greater the pull, the easier the waste. If the material itself is strong, you can improve the film die-cutting speed. However, for the slow speed die-cutting die-cutting, fiber structure has little effect on die-cutting quality. In addition, the toughness and fracture resistance of the fibers have a very large effect on die-cutting quality. Yellow-type release papers with good fiber tenacity may not be problematic for die-cutting on low-precision machines. However, if the fiber of the release paper is brittle, Poor toughness, it can only die on the equipment with high precision, die-cutting quality of the processing equipment, which shows that equipment accuracy is also one of the factors that affect the quality of die-cutting.

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