How To Separate The Paper, From The Film And The Film

- Jul 14, 2017 -

From the appearance, the film and the same specifications coated silicon has plastic off paper is not what difference; and the film coated with silicon and ordinary film is not good to distinguish the naked eye, but you only need to rely on a few simple tools and operations, you can very well distinguish their differences, a piece of tape, a signature pen, coupled with a small hand-torn paper test.

First, let's take a look at the difference between the ordinary plastic film and the membrane, cut off a piece of tape, and glue it to the membrane, again yer, feel very easy to uncover, in the process, also no noise, is coated with silicon off the film, and more difficult to uncover, in the process of uncovering the jabber sound is not coated with the ordinary silicon plastic film. This method can also be used to distinguish one-sided silicon-coated single silicon film, or two-sided silicon-silicon off-film, and can even compare which side of the silicon coating, the size of the stripping rate. There is also a way to use water pens to detect, in the film surface uniformity, off the surface of the film can not be any ink, and the ordinary film will have a different depth of ink.

There is plastic off paper and the same specifications of the film can not be seen in the appearance of the paper, but in the above method, the difference between them is also discernible.

Glossy plain paper and the appearance of coated paper will sometimes be very similar, but if the hand to rip them apart, ordinary paper at the edge of the tear is only fiber wool, and the film in addition to wood fiber will have some small diaphragm. If you use glue to bring the test, the film on the paper in the process of removing the tape will have a noise, but the tape will not adhere to anything, and shiny ordinary paper will be glued to the paper surface coating and wood fiber.

Sometimes, the silicon-coated glassine paper and the same specifications, the color of the ordinary film coated silicon off paper, on the desktop is also difficult to distinguish, and they have the same characteristics. But Glassine paper is made of high pressure light, so the paper is more uniform and flat, and generally more transparent, so you just have to look at the two similar paper on the transparency and the uniformity of the paper is very easy to distinguish, it is not possible to use the hand torn, can see the film fragments of the film is the paper.

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