How To Run A Team Well ?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

1.Clear architecture

The most important thing to take over any department is to clarify or readjust the organizational structure. The key to the architecture is: who is in what position, responsible for what content, must be clear.

     The word "clarity" means :

Two people are not allowed to cross responsibility!

Collective leadership is not allowed!

Vague fields are not allowed!

There's a problem, and everybody knows who's going to be responsible. Who has made great achievements?.

2.Clear goals

The leader is not the man who decides how to climb the ladder! He was the man who decided to put the ladder on the wall.

So he must clearly point out this direction and communicate to the whole staff. If this is not done, the excellent team will not produce good results.

3.Without power, there is no responsibility

There is no let the horse run, and do not let the horse grazing thing.

When you explicitly delegate your request, you need a clear authorization and input to him. Otherwise, the responsibility of the problem is not his, but yours.

One of the most important duties of a supervisor is to solve the problems they cannot solve for their subordinates. And what you can provide is power and resources. Use them well.


The biggest problem with the team is that you can't see the problem.

Even if the team is small, it's necessary to build a combination of visual tools and processes. So your team is scalable enough.

You don't really need to track everyone in the team every day, but you need to have the ability to see that. Only in this way can you master the first hand when you have a problem. And team members know that his stuff "may be seen", the efficiency and quality of execution will also be improved.

Visualization also means "symmetry of information"". All the tools and processes on top of this can ensure that team members understand the novelty of the project with the lowest cost". Ensure fast and accurate response.


Don't set too many levels in doing things. To ensure that any person in charge of the matter, you can directly find the man can be finalized.

6.Segmentation and appropriate intermediate result checking

It's effective to manage risks by dividing a big project into several time points.

Make sure that the results you check are not virtual. Must require visible, preferably touch products. Import some agile management methods to ensure this.

7.Promise ahead of time

One of the most overlooked aspects of management is the lack of commitment to team members ahead of time. A task that is arranged above is not always finished very well. And a project that promises upward, is not the same. It's probably the same thing, though.                 

8.Don't try to change a person

People are not necessarily changed, but companies are often not cost appropriate.

If a person does not do well in his position, even if there is ability, but always do not play out is useless. Just let the right people do the right thing.

9.No excuses for the results

There are only two things to do at work: fix, or fail.

If not, what do I want to hear about the loss? Is there a way to make up? What kind of help do you need?

As for why you messed up, what is the idea? Don't give me a report. It doesn't make any sense to report these things.

10.Constantly improve

"Improvement" is one of the core of TOYOTA's management methods. The world is changing rapidly, and today's effective methods may fail tomorrow. Observing teams, finding problems, and constantly improving.

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