How To Run A Better Team ?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

1.Clear architecture

The most important thing to take in any department is to clear or re - adjust the organizational structure. The key to the architecture is: who is in the position, what is responsible for the content, must be clear.What is called "clear" means : 1)no two people are allowed to cross ; 2) no collective leadership is allowed ; 3) It is not allowed to have obscure fields ; It's a problem that everyone knows who should be responsible. The achievements are made, and the credit is clear.

2.Clear Goal

The leader is not the person who decides how to climb the ladder! He was the man who decided to put the ladder on the wall.So he must clearly point out the direction and convey to the whole person. If this is not done well, a good team will not come up with good results.

3.Without power, there is no responsibility

If you explicitly entrust your request, you should give him a clear authorization and investment. Otherwise, the problem is not his, but yours.One of the important responsibilities of the boss is to solve the problems they can't solve for the subordinates. And what you can offer is power and resources. Use them well.


You don't need to really follow what everyone is doing every day of the team, but you need to have the ability to see it. In this way, the first hand material can be mastered when the problem is out. The team members know that his things "may be seen", and the efficiency and quality of execution will also be promoted.

Visualization also means "the symmetry of information". All the tools and processes above can ensure that team members know the "new things in the project" at the lowest cost. Ensure fast and accurate response。

5.Continuous improvement

"Improvement" is one of the core of TOYOTA's management methods. The world is changing rapidly, and today's effective methods may be lost tomorrow. Watch the team, find problems, and improve.


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