Grade Classification Of Cleanroom Cleaning Workshop

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Dust-free workshop in high-end industrial manufacturing has an extraordinary significance, mainly used in microelectronics, medical, food aseptic packaging and other precision industries, the industry's different, dust-free workshop needs are not the same, then, the dust-free workshop grade What kinds of division?

Dust-free workshop grade is mainly divided into 6 kinds, each grade used in the field is not.

1. Level 1 of the dust-free workshop is mainly used in the manufacture of integrated circuit microelectronics industry, the precise requirements for integrated circuits for Submicron.

2. Level 10 of the dust-free workshop is mainly used in the semiconductor industry with a bandwidth of less than 2 microns.

3. 100-level cleanroom can be used in the pharmaceutical industry aseptic manufacturing process, this cleanroom is used extensively in the manufacture of objects such as the body, surgical operations, including transplant operations, the manufacture of integrators, isolation treatment for patients who are particularly sensitive to bacterial infections, such as isolation after surgery for bone marrow transplant patients.

4. Level 1000 of the dust-free workshop is mainly used for the production of high-quality optical products, but also for testing, assembly aircraft snake screw, assembly of high quality miniature bearings.

5. 10000级万-Level dust-free workshop for the assembly of hydraulic equipment or pneumatic equipment, in some cases also used in the food and beverage industry, in addition, the million dust-free workshop in the medical industry is also very common.

6. 100,000 grade 100,000 dust-free workshop used in a lot of industrial sectors, such as the manufacture of optical products, for small components for the manufacture of large electronic systems, hydraulic or pneumatic system manufacturing, food and beverage production, medicine, pharmaceutical industry is often used in this a-level dust-free workshop.

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