For Love, Run To Help Public Welfare

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Hot summer gives a feeling of hot and spicy, and today colorful running in each face are blooming joyful smile, comfortable mood, did not feel the summer sun!

Today, as a Xinfeng staff, fortunate enough to participate in a county Party Committee Propaganda Department, League County Committee, County Sports Bureau and other units hosted to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, run for public welfare to build "beautiful South Gate" activities!

About 1 pm, Xinfeng ten employees on time in front of the office collection, wearing a uniform green clothing drove to Lingxi old government, around 3 o'clock to organize a unified farm to the activities of Sun Moon Lake. Four o'clock in the afternoon, more than 600 people in Sun Moon Lake Farm were wearing red, green, white, blue, yellow 5 color T-shirt, each color represents a different run, red represents love charity run, slogan: In order to make everyone fall in love with running, the distance between people and people is narrowed down by means of healthy running. At the same time of running, the spirit of commonweal is spread more widely, calling for more people to participate in public welfare. Green represents the environmental protection running, the slogan: "public welfare body for the green run", in order to advocate the common people to build the green door of the beautiful south gate of Zhejiang concept of green, guide the county's youth to participate in the protection of ecological environment to jointly promote the action of the five water co-operation. White stands for healthy running and slogan "Refueling, Mutual Aiding and Sharing for Health" In order to further enhance the sense of empathy and integration of new residents, promote the mutual integration of new and old residents, promote the healthy life of Cangnan and pursue the sunshine and soul of body and mind Sublimation, and for Pier Town Wufeng School, Cangnan Xin'an Primary School students to buy sports equipment and contribute to enrich the children's extra-curricular activities. In order to let everyone broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge, while improving their own ideological and moral qualities, blue represents the warmth of the children of Yopin Hope School Love books, enrich the children's knowledge. Yellow on behalf of the love to help run dreams, the slogan "in the name of love for the dream of running," dream of love to help run to run in order to allow workers to pass a wide range of love, at the same time to their own modest power, Hung hope primary school students dedicate their love, improve their living conditions, will love together into a river. Run to feel Cangnan public interest, running out of passion!

In a simple warm-up exercise, in the county Standing Committee.Lingxi town secretary issued a run instructions, we embrace and run, run in the beautiful green riverbank of Heng Yang River, this time we are not for contests and run, but For youth. Run for Cangnan public welfare, each run for a contribution to the public!

Public service not only let everyone feel the joy of running, feel the importance of sunny health, let more people understand that even the meager public service is a kind of love, will be a small river of love!


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