Features And Applications Of Casting Paper

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Casting paper for synthetic leather , as a special release paper , has embossing patterns on its surface . It has a very wide applications in the synthetic leather industry since it can transfer patterns and gloss onto the surface of synthetic leather . In the past , Chinese synthetic leather manufacturer  mainly depend on the imported release paepr because we didn't have that kind of production technology at that time .

       According to its usages , release paper for synthetic leather can be classify as polyvinyl chloride release paper and  polyurethane release paper .;Accoring to its patterns , it can also be classify as flat release paper and embossing release paper ; According to its coating materials , it can also be classify as siliconized series release paper and non-siliconized series release paper .

       The strength of release paper has a great influence to the production of synthetic leather and the times of re-peated uses . Because the melted resin (together with the release paper)  will be sent into the baking box with high temperature for drying , so the release paper must have the strong strength during its repeated uses .

      Release paper must be physically and chemically stable since there will be many kinds of organic solvent during the synthetic leather production , such as DMF , methyl ethyl ketone , methylbenzene , acetic ether and etc. So the release paper can not be melted or swelled by the solvent , or the release paper is unusable .

      About the peeling strength , it should be adequate , or it would be too tight or too easy to peel , which would bring many difficulties during the production . Generally , we will have a medium peeling strength for customer but can also be specially designed accoring to the practical situation .

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