Excellent Staff, Never Complain!

- Dec 07, 2017 -

First, the phenomenon of ubiquitous work at work

Everyone may experience setbacks in their work. Everyone may fall into the low trough of career development and need to grumble over the pressure of solving life. So complaining becomes a kind of emotion that spreads in society. It sounds like Understandable

The problem is, once you develop the habit of grievances, the inner form of grievance thinking will, we lose the sense of responsibility and mission of work, ignoring the completion of work and the happiness and happiness brought by their own growth.

Second, complain what can be brought

Any one marketer running a business wants to hire someone who can solve the problems and bring value to the business rather than a chatter critic.

1, complain about salary

People always have high expectations of themselves, think they should be reused, deserve generous remuneration. Compared to the development of space, the meaning of work, business climate, personal ability to exercise, we pay more attention to the level of wages, wages seem to have become their measure of all standards.

2, complain about colleagues

Blame and grudge will not bring any benefits to your work, but instead expose our childishness and incompetence. Moreover, straightforward criticism will make people feel faceless, and their self-esteem is insulted, eventually resulting in displeasure between both parties , Difficult to clean up the situation.

Third, do not complain about the actors

Behind every seemingly plausible grudge there is a better choice - to change the status quo and be a non-complaining actor.

1, instead of complaining about others, it is better to change yourself

Many people often blame others for their daily work, but seldom find reasons for themselves. In fact, the existence and practice of others must have its rationality. Complain about others, it is better to change themselves. You have changed yourself, everything will change. This is just as we can not cross the wall, but we can bypass it and achieve the same goal.

2, the complaint into constructive comments

If we think about our own ideas from the perspective of the company and take the initiative to propose or implement it in a way that the leadership can accept, I think the company should be very welcome.

3, the company is your boat

In the fierce market competition, the company is like a boat. Whether the boss or the staff, once embarked on this boat, their fate is closely linked, and they have a common direction, a common destination, the fate of the ship is the fate of all.

4, work with the mentality of the boss

If you come to work with the boss's attitude, then you will proceed from the overall perspective to think about your job, determine what the job is in the position to work throughout the chain, you'll find the best methods of work, Will do a better job.

Working in this mindset, you will not refuse the task your boss has arranged, and you may think of it as an opportunity to express and exercise your working ability.

5, close the mouth of complaining, take hard work legs

No effort, no matter how good the idea, no matter how good the planning, it can only stay on the paper or just a beautiful idea, has never been able to become a reality.

6, music to do a brick, where need to move

I want to get some success, happy to do organize a brick, where the need where to move the spirit of obedience, and acting is not an excuse to find ways, ready to obey the leadership arrangements for employees, in order to become the most popular person in the company, will be subject to Boss and boss of all ages.

7, fear of not working in place, there will be a good place

Just as the lid has to be screwed in, the water in the bottle will not leak out and the work will be done in order to receive the expected result. Any leader who fears that his subordinates will not do their job and messed things up will have to shoulder the responsibility of the leader or even the greatest responsibility.

8, ideas determine the way out, decide the head pocket

What kind of ideas, there is what kind of outlet, what kind of thinking you make, what kind of income. Therefore, we must break the stereotyped thinking and actively change our own thinking in order to ensure that we are not eliminated by this world.

Fourth, change the mentality of complaints training methods

Complaining people with superficial, narrow-minded, so that you are incompatible with the company's philosophy, but also make their path of development narrower and narrower, the last thing failed, so that the biggest victims of complaints themselves.

1, before complaining to reflect

Before complaining, you may wish to ask yourself if you are working hard enough? Notice, try your best to be perfect. Not someone else is unfair to you, but you are not working hard enough.

2, the difficulties as their own challenges

Why can not we treat the sleepiness as a kind of sharpening in the face of adverse environment or problem? In the work, the result of the work is responsible, but also responsible for their own salaries, but also responsible for their own future, rather than curse the dark, it is better to light the candle.

3, say less and more dry

The only way to not complain is to get yourself started. Many people often blame others for their daily work, but seldom find reasons for themselves. Actually, you have changed yourself and everything will change.

There is no humble work in this world, only humble attitude. Instead of complaining, it is better to indulge in hard work, use all the blame's time and thoughts to enhance their own core competitiveness and fully do their work in place, so as to be a practitioner who does not complain.

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