Employees Of Xinfeng Group Take Part In The Blood Donation Activity

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Early autumn, September 30 at about 8 am, a pink blood donation car proceeded from the county to Wenzhou (Jinxiang) Xinfeng Company, and steadily stopped at the square in front of the office building of the Company. Office building lobby lintel, the electronic screen "blood donation for free, lifetime glory," the eight words dazzling, add blood donors to participate a bit proud.

In accordance with the prior notice of the time, blood donation employees came one after another to the office sample showroom one by one to fill in the blood donation registration form, and blood staff to measure blood pressure for blood donors, and after visual inspection, screening qualified, blood donors ordered boarding blood donation The car started to donate blood ...

Among the blood donors participating in the blood donation are paired blood donors, who are Su Jianzheng and Zhu Xiangli; the former Shun Hing and the Wei Lijuan couple; and the employee Chen Jinuang with his wife and son Chen Yiwei, a family of three to donate blood. Among the blood donors are the party members who wear eye-catching red vests and the activists who donate money to join the party. They are Jiang Li Shuang, Chen Jinguang, Wu Dengkuan and Sun Xiaoli, as well as activists Su Jianzheng and Zhang Weiqin who joined the party.

In the author's impression of blood donation activities in recent years, Su Jianzheng and Zhu Xiangli were the most active couples. Each of them donated 400 cc of blood each time. In spite of their own reports of blood donation, the couple also brought their fellow workers around to donate blood. There are blood donations in the crowd of veterans Miao Renhu every time to donate blood figure, let me deeply impressed ....

When every blood donor rolled his sleeves and showed his blood into the blood bag, at this moment, on his or her face, it seemed as if he had seen his calm and relieved delight in saving others' lives smile……

Xinfeng employees donated blood for voluntary activities, has always been to participate. The relevant blood donation activities related departments did not consider the car sent to a separate door for a blood collection service, and later I heard about the Xinfeng company donated blood as many as 70 people, and usually is generally concentrated in several business units or village Not more than 100 people together. In order to facilitate employee blood donation, so blood car directly into the factory. The scene to see Xinfeng employees so unhealthy blood donation so enthusiastic attitude, this scene also let blood station staff praised it! An on-site leader said: It is rare to see so many people actively reporting blood donations in an enterprise. This shows that Xinfeng staff are highly conscious and at the same time doing good work for your business organizations.

When the last blood donor has completed the blood draw, the hour hand has pointed to 12 noon. The event, the final realization of blood donation wishes of the staff of 60 people (three of whom are family members).

Here, we raise a blood donation to every one of our sleeves and say: blood donation, you will be glorified for life!


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