Company Must Have Social Responsibility

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Chinese cultural and educational office supplies industry's first group standard "package book film and book cover" on July 28 in Beijing (China International Exhibition Center) held a press conference and signing ceremony, with the completion of this ceremony also announced by the Wenzhou City Xinfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd. as the sole manufacturer drafted the "book film and book cover" came into effect. The new standard is to mobilize the participation of experts from all walks of life. After three rounds of carefully selected tests, the environmental testing and adjustment of more than four months has finally been finalized. This fully reflects the rigorous and responsible working attitude of participants.

The stationery industry covers a very wide range of products, while the package book film in the industry is absolutely pediatric, then why can we give priority to "touchstone"? This is a lot of consumers with the previous two years, self-adhesive book cover (also known as the book film) a large number of complaints about, in particular, the individual manufacturers of products just opened when there were obvious odor, environmental indicators failed a number of tests, resulting in many parents Dissatisfaction and grudges against this product market regulation. Regulators and the Chinese Culture, Education and Industry Association are also concerned about the seriousness of this incident. In view of this, the first batch of new standards to incorporate the book packaging into the examination also reflect the social responsibility of policy makers.

In fact, the self-adhesive cover was first developed by Wenzhou Xinfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd. in 2007, and its products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other markets. All the performance and environmental parameters of these products can reach these markets Standard. Later in the domestic market to be gradually promoted, Xinfeng company launched "I good" brand self-adhesive book cover and exports to Europe and America is the same standard, so there has been no complaints from consumers. However, in recent years, many small businesses imitate self-adhesive book cover, and low-cost competition, coupled with the industry's lack of standards and supervision, there are many non-environmental raw materials into production, product packaging and paste manufacturers, even found It is difficult to blame. This time, China Culture and Education Association took the lead in formulating the industry standards is very timely, will certainly curb the continued spread of bad products.

Self-adhesive book cover in recent years more and more by students, the amount of significant growth, because the book cover has obvious advantages with the traditional book cover. First of all, this kind of book cover is integrated with the textbook after it is integrated, which will permanently protect the writing and will never fall off. Secondly, the book cover material is generally not thick and soft and hardly affects children's normal opening of the book. Obviously better than the traditional book cover; Third, self-adhesive book cover textbook specifications have a lot of flexibility, a specification self-adhesive cover can be a wide range of textbooks, unlike the traditional book cover a Can pack a size book, even a book of the same specification can not be wrapped if the thicker. In view of these advantages, the traditional book covers in Europe, the United States and other markets have already withdrawn from the stage of history and are replaced by self-adhesive book covers.

At present, many developed countries are forcibly promoting the use of self-adhesive book covers. Many primary school textbooks are recycled. For example, in the United States, textbooks belong to school property. As the desks and chairs are numbered together, students are not allowed to paint, tear, A student textbook can be used repeatedly 10 times. Australia provides that newly admitted students will receive a library card from the school. Students must borrow the required books from the school library and return the term at the end of the semester, which is then used by the next student. German primary and secondary schools have long implemented textbook recycling systems. Many schools encourage students to exchange books they no longer use for exchange with other students by setting up libraries in schools and trading irregular books regularly.

And our country did not take corresponding measures, but consume a lot of paper. According to statistics, there are about 220 million primary and secondary school students in our country. According to 14 textbooks per student per year, 3 billion textbooks a year are required throughout the country, which consumes about 550,000 tons of paper a year. It is necessary to cut down more than 11 million trees, equivalent to 2.2 hectares of forest. "This is a CPPCC members put forward a set of data, if our country with reference to developed countries model, mandatory for all textbooks using film technology (That is, self-adhesive wrap), to extend the useful life of textbooks and recycle, you can greatly reduce the national waste of resources. So, self-adhesive cover a deeper function if you can get the attention of relevant departments, its market prospects will be incalculable.

Although self-adhesive book cover at the initial stage, but this time to determine the standard, the industry will gradually regulate them. Practitioners must also assume social responsibility as standards are introduced.


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