Common Problems In Die-cutting Industries

- Jul 14, 2017 -

One, this kind of paper is very good when pastes, but in a cycle (24 hours) after it is difficult to peel off, three cycles will not pull off. This type of paper is mainly unstable, paper density is not good, coating uneven, its penetration resistance is poor, so in a period of time, glue can penetrate into the paper, so can not be stripped! Therefore must replace the density is good, the paper is good, spreads the silicon evenly, the comparatively stable paper makes the low paper.

Second, the import double-sided adhesive stripping undesirable, a lot of tape will have this phenomenon, because the import of double-sided adhesive material is not the same, there is no base material, many manufacturers in order to facilitate the use of a substrate to die-cutting, resulting in poor stripping. So we must judge the stickiness of the tape, in the case of the adhesive tape is larger than the use of the base paper separately.

Three, usually used to paste the tape can be, but die-cutting is difficult to exhaust or because the product is too small to peel off. This situation should pay attention to, some waste in the process of easy to take up the product, which indicates that the stripping force is too light, you can choose a bit heavier to try. If it is not possible to peel or peel off such a situation is also very normal (especially without substrate), because the product area is too small, in the stripping force is not light at the time of stripping is prone to deformation and other phenomena, so must use a lighter type of paper. Because there are many users now reflect this phenomenon, in fact, the paper can not completely rely on the beginning of the force to determine the nature of the paper, because different coating methods, different original paper will have different force cycle, there is the penetration of paper, the market also has a glassine is used wax silicone oil coating, the surface is very beautiful, and just beginning to paste when the force is very light, but after a few days to tear down the phenomenon, Therefore, Shanghai Ji Xiangbao Industry Co., Ltd. Recommends: Use Glassine best or authentic, do not use those garbled, 3m9460 adhesive, therefore, the paper must be evenly coated, light away from the type of paper, the proposal to use solvent-free silicon on the paper, everyone in the choice of material, to do three cycle of testing, should do 15 days of high temperature and humidity test. Only through the strict requirements of the paper, is the real reliable paper.

The quality of the paper is the key to the quality of the die-cutting, the thickness, flatness, fiber structure and strength of the paper directly affect the die-cutting quality. At present, the commonly used type of paper is divided into two categories, namely, opaque paper and translucent paper. Non-transparent paper type pressure sensitive adhesive material quantitative general in 90g/㎡ above, there is a certain degree of stiffness, suitable for sheet-fed printing, also suitable for Web printing, finished labels used for manual labeling. Transparent paper-type pressure-sensitive adhesive material quantitative general for 60-70g/㎡, the paper fiber has a certain density or tightness, mainly used for Web printing, not suitable for sheet-fed printing, finished label for automatic labeling.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive materials require a good flatness of paper, uniform thickness, the overall transmittance is consistent, the greater the density of the better, in order to complete the base material die-cutting.
1. Non-transparent paper
The commonly used opaque paper to color distinction, can be divided into yellow and white two types, the structure of the distinction, divided into a pre-coated PE coating and without PE coating two. Coated PE coating has two purposes: one is to seal the paper surface of the pores to make it smooth, coating the silicone oil on it, reduce the amount of coating, can reduce the cost; another function is to improve the die-cutting characteristics, because the PE coating is equivalent to a layer of cushion cushion, with a certain degree of toughness and elasticity, can reduce the rupture of paper. The practice shows that the paper with PE coating is far less than the paper material with PE coating.
Since the thick-paper label is mainly used for manual labeling, die-cutting quality is not qualified for manual labeling has a certain shadow, such as die-cutting continuous, manual waste will be removed together with the label off; if the paper cut through or cut through half, the operator Sup is also very difficult.
Opaque paper in the flat die-cutting machine die-cutting, the common fault is the paper break, so in order to ensure the precision of die-cutting knife and liner formation, we should choose a good flatness, fiber tensile strength and thickness of the paper to improve the quality of die-cutting.
2. Translucent Paper
Translucent paper, also known as thin paper, at present, die-cutting pressure-sensitive adhesive materials commonly used glassine paper (Glass-free paper).
Glassine out of the paper has two indicators will affect the die-cutting quality: one is the thickness uniformity, the second is the fiber structure. The thickness uniformity of the paper is the most important, in particular, circular die-cutting, because the size of the die-cutting knife roll from the thickness of the paper, if the thickness of the paper is uneven, the blade will cut through or cut off the paper, to the waste process to bring trouble.
Glassine of the fiber structure of the paper in the rotary die-cutting, the main effect of the die-cutting speed, because the fiber strength directly affect the exhaust fracture speed, the faster the speed, the greater the tension, the easier the exhaust. If the material itself is large in strength, it can increase the die-cutting speed. However, the fiber structure has little effect on the die-cutting quality for the flat die-cutting with slow speed. In addition, the toughness and fracture resistance of the fiber have a great effect on the die-cutting quality, the fiber toughness of the paper, in the precision of the equipment on the low die-cutting may not be a problem, but if the fiber from the paper brittle, poor toughness, it can only be in high precision equipment, die-cutting quality equipment on the die-cutting process, which shows that the accuracy of equipment is also affecting the quality of one of the factors.
There are two kinds of materials with the same base material and different type of pressure sensitive adhesive, at the same time on two label equipment processing, the result is in the high precision equipment die-cutting, two kinds of material die-cutting quality is normal, and in the precision of the equipment die-cutting, the paper fiber toughness is often problematic, not normal production. This case shows that the die-cutting quality and pressure sensitive adhesive material itself, but also with the accuracy of the equipment.

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