Chinese Paper To Be Developed In New Products

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Out of paper to be developed in recent years, China from the United Kingdom, Italy and other countries have imported more than 100 manufacturing PVC artificial leather, PV artificial leather production line, about 60,000 tons per year to use of the paper. The paper is now imported from abroad. PVC Artificial Leather, PV artificial leather is molded from the paper as the carrier of the cast-coating method. In order to meet the requirement of departure type, the paper should have certain characteristics. ▲ Good heat resistance: the ability to 160~265℃ (2-3 minutes) of high temperature, ▲ good off type, PVC artificial leather, PV artificial leather forming cooling, the surface of the paper can be evenly peeled off from the leather; ▲ High surface strength: requirements in the case of heating use, repeated use of $number times, the general use of more than 6 times does not produce curl, the surface does not drop powder, not to be destroyed; ▲ dimensional stability is good; ▲ the surface gloss of imitation leather should be soft ▲ plasticity: Because the surface of the artificial leather after the molding requirements have a certain pattern, so the paper as a model must be embossed, so the requirements should have a good plasticity; ▲ finished water: 3%. Its heat-resistance, off-type, surface strength, dimensional stability, gloss and repeated use of the number of times, basically meet the requirements of the use. Leave paper to be developed!

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