Chen Jiafu Was Selected As The Model Worker Of Cangnan County!

- Nov 27, 2017 -

The spring of 2017, the general manager of Wenzhou city Xinfeng composite materials Co., Chen Jiafu was elected to the Cangnan County People's Congress, in behalf of the meeting, he positive suggestions, political participation, faithfully perform their duties on behalf of, at the same time, came when he was named the model workers of Cangnan County news. Both awards, flowers, valuable, is gratifying. As a team leader, he iron shoulders the burden, in recent years, the economic downturn in the environment, the performance of the company rose year after year, which last year, taxes high, reached 7 million 590 thousand yuan, an average annual income of workers over 50 thousand yuan, then reap economic benefits at the same time, enterprises also received various other social the benefits of the full harvest. So he deserves both, and he deserves it.

Chen Jiafu was born in a mountainous peasant family under the jurisdiction of the town. He graduated from primary school to high school with excellent results. He graduated from Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology in 1992 (now Hangzhou Dianzi University) and received a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering. Assigned to Jinxiang second middle school as office teacher in the same year. For 94 years he decided to quit a secure job into the sea, to the Xinfeng company as electrical technician, after he was promoted to assistant general manager, deputy general manager, general manager of the Xinfeng company since 2006.

As a young entrepreneur, he has both keen eyes on entrepreneurs and plain working style of ordinary workers. His deeds are both ordinary and extraordinary.

He is diligent and creative. As an undergraduate graduate entrepreneur, not many in the business sector, but he knows that modern enterprise management, such as no knowledge of the constantly updated, it is difficult to control, enterprises continue to grow. So, in addition to his daily work, he is currently in the MBA training class, and he has advocated the use of modern enterprise management concept requires the staff, especially the management staff to strengthen learning. Therefore, Xinfeng University, early meeting, weekly meeting, monthly meeting, internal training, invited experts lectures...... Reading and learning atmosphere has become a common practice.

He is strict with oneself, diligent, willing to help others. In Xinfeng, on all the staff all know, Chen is the most busy year, he almost no Sunday and holidays, opened his office, he never for a moment of leisure, but he has always been with the same daily ordinary workers, work attendance card, out of work or leave the same formalities, if absent, also deduct wages. His willingness to help people is also talked about for the majority of employees, as long as the company's employees or family difficulties, we will first think of him, he is always the first time to find ways to help solve, or with hair donation relief. As he learned from the media Hebei middle school Cunrui 5 students from poor families and in need of assistance, he decided to twinning, then the school each have poor students recommended to him for help, he currently has more than 10 students in the school donation grants totaled about 120000 yuan in the future, he will continue to donate....... In general, he is enthusiastic about public welfare, and has been active in launching corporate day donation activities for charity organizations. He also served as president of the public welfare association in his hometown (Huli community) and made great efforts to contribute to the public welfare of his hometown! In 2012, the society was rated as an excellent charity in Cangnan.

He is full of vigor and vitality, and management is people-oriented. In the enterprise, he not only manages diligently, is good at the management, but also flows young people's vigor, vigor and versatility in him. Very fruitful enterprise culture construction company, for example, the establishment of a library, Internet cafes, basketball, billiards, table tennis hall, the company founded the enterprise newspaper "Xinfeng tide", each employee dormitory installed air conditioning, shower, cable and other modern facilities, 38 annual festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the mid autumn Festival, the Spring Festival will give the staff of gifts and two times a year to hold large-scale activities or traveling, and provide free training, at the end of the year to eat sub year old wine and a series of management activities. As an enterprise manager, he has a lot of hobbies, such as playing ball, chess, singing and so on. So, in cultural activities, he often sees entertainment with his employees.

He was indifferent to fame and wealth, and seriously fulfilled his duties. As a manager, he always looked down on fame and honor. The enterprise chooses the honor every year, he always pushes and pushes again, this appraisal county model worker, he also is only in the related department highly recommended, only then agreed to elect. He was well aware of the development of the enterprise cannot do without the party and government departments at all levels of support, so he often speak of a word is a rich source, to learn how to thanksgiving. In action, he of the Party committee and government assigned by the selection committee, do not do things carelessly, for example, to build a harmonious enterprise, planning work, production safety, energy conservation, technological innovation, trade union work, the consciousness of paying taxes, business management and other aspects of years have been all praise and superior departments of the county government.

In 2011, Chen Jiafu won the ten most young entrepreneurs in Cangnan County, when the Organizing Committee awarded him the award words: he was studious, innovative, flashing the perseverance of young entrepreneurs. He is full of vigor and vitality, people-oriented, so that every employee in Xinfeng can work happily and live happily, which is the core idea of his work. He has the maturity and stability of the first generation of entrepreneurs, and the passion of young entrepreneurs. Ordinary and extraordinary business career, decades of rigorous, hard work. With the acumen and wisdom of the professional managers and the management concept of modern enterprises, he led the "Xinfeng" to move forward with heroic steps. This is Chen Jiafu!


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