Characteristics And Application Of Pet-free Film

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Characteristics and application of pet-free film
Pet off film is a hot transfer of a material commonly used, the substrate is pet, after coated with silicone oil is also called Silicone oil film. Normal thickness from 12um to 100um. There are hot and cold tear and light matte, after anti-static and scratch-resistant treatment, the product has a good adsorption and adhesion.

Characteristics of Pet-free film:
Pet-free film with high transparency, non-toxic tasteless, tensile strength, very good, anti-cracking, not easy to damage, good electrical and optical properties, resistance to oxygen and moisture resistance, cold (--70 degree), heat (+200 degrees), and has corrosion resistance, shrinkage stability of the excellent characteristics. Pet off film varieties are: Pet low-temperature, pet high-temperature, pet transparent, pet mist, pet white, pet Matt, pet pearlescent, pet scrub, pet aluminum, pet cutting window;

Use of Pet-free film:
Pet-free film is mainly used in electrical, insulating, packaging, magnet containers, film, such as tape, floppy disk, film, video and entertainment software, etc. its wide range of applications, such as Bronzing film, aluminized film, printing film, packaging film, packaging materials, composite materials, laser anti-counterfeiting composite film, drawing drawings, electrical insulating materials and capacitors, etc.

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