Chairman Of Xinfeng Group Participated In Tree Planting Activities

- Nov 24, 2017 -

3.12 in response to the national arbor day call (South China Sea) Xinfeng company in March 4, 2017 on the issue of "a small tree, green side of the pure land, protect the environment, begin from me" the tree donated to the company's initiative to get down to the company executives and ordinary workers to respond positively, short time and you will get 32 different tree the trees donated in March 7th, the Group Chairman Miu Cunliang despite the old hands digging planting, executive vice president Zhu Qigao, vice president of technology company Wang Fang Ci, vice president of business and assistant general manager Liang Yi Deng bin and other leaders also went to the field planting, planting trees have shovel, lively atmosphere. In recent years, in the group under the leadership of chairman Mou, to increase investment in environmental protection efforts, increase organic waste recycling, the introduction of new energy equipment out of machine, solar power generation equipment, to build a total of five water treatment project donated, the development of enterprises, but also to future generations to leave a green sky.

China thirty years of reform and opening up, the development speed of the Chinese let the world witness China miracle, and in this miracle, but at the expense of the environment, excessive consumption of future generations should enjoy the resources, has dominated headlines haze weather (PM2.5), has been to more than 50% of the national territory area, nature of human resources has excessive consumption in alarm. As a member of society, Bartholomew, chairman personally early look far ahead from a high plane, the establishment of environmental protection seal company in Shanghai, to enter the field of environmental protection, the Xinfeng and Wenzhou in 2008 the company took the lead in the introduction of solvent recovery and environmental protection device, after gradually in group companies, comprehensive popularization, and constantly on environmental protection equipment upgrading, and constantly improve the recovery rate, reduce the exhaust emissions, the investment amount exceeds ten million yuan. In recent years, the group has accelerated the introduction of the latest low energy consumption of machinery and equipment, the elimination of inefficient energy consumption of old equipment, "clean", "conservation oriented", "environment-friendly" enterprise direction stride forward, but also achieved remarkable results. At present, the group also will provide solar power green energy industry, promote the development of green low-carbon cycle, for the future China to improve the environment, to the people's vision to make the actual green mountains and rivers act.

Company of group of each plant trees, leafy branches, full of youthful spirit, throughout the year there are flowers, stick together and the pursuit of it all cannot do without the people of Xinfeng, had planted Keke trees, carrying the chairman Mou heavy social responsibility, and the transmission of Xinfeng blue sky dream.


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