Chairman Of Xinfeng Group Participate In Rural Poverty Alleviation Activities

- Nov 15, 2017 -

August 23, Wenzhou Xinfeng Group President Miao Cunliang rate Ms. Xu Yuqin, Wenzhou Xinfeng Composite Materials General Manager Chen Jiafu and employee representatives and his party, despite the hot weather, worked hard, starting from Wenzhou, traveled thousands of miles to Henan Ruyang County township jurisdiction Township Village, visited and comforted the families of Xinfeng staff, and to carry out teaching aid poverty alleviation activities.

At 3:20 p.m. on the same day, the group of condolences arrived in Xinzheng Airport to greet the families of Ruyang staff members who came early and the representatives of local village cadres and Xinfeng Group overseas offices together to bring flowers to the guests Welcome to a warm greeting!

Out of the airport, driving two hours Xu, 5.40 pm, the next high-speed mouth into Ruyang, this time Xiaodian Zhen, Gao Zhuangcun other towns and villages, party members and cadres, the masses, the families of workers already at the exit of the highway to meet the guests. Highway near the exit of the "dinosaur science base" also eye-catching hanging "a warm welcome Xinfeng Group visit to visit condolences," the banner slogan, see this scene, the condolence group immediately get off and greet the crowd to greet the handshake, chairman improvisation and Everybody pulled homely. Then the condolence group and his entourage also took a group picture together with the people who came to welcome before "dinosaur science popularization base". Followed by the Ruyang County People's Government arranged a condolence group and his entourage Ruyang County Lanting Holiday Inn. Ruyang County magistrate also took the time out of his busy schedule that day in the county town godsend food restaurants and visitors to dinner, a total of Symposium on both national and political affairs, to discuss the two tomorrow the development ......

During the ceremony, Miao Cunliang, Chairman of Xinfeng Group, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the warm welcome of Ruyang county government, towns and villages, village committees, local villagers, family members, school teachers and students. Thanks to the contribution of Ruyang children to the development and expansion of Xinfeng Group. And the family members expressed cordial condolences and high respect! Finally, he said he welcomed Ruyang children who are more willing to go out to work as start-up workers. In the future, all enterprises affiliated with Xinfeng Group come to work and Xinfeng welcomes you. At the ceremony, Chen Jiafu, general manager of Xinfeng Company in Wenzhou (Jinxiang), introduced the plant condition of Xinfeng Company in Wenzhou (Jinxiang) and praised the performance of employees in Xiaodian Town. Then Xiaodian town membership, Wenzhou (Jinxiang) Xinfeng company employees Su Jianzheng the wife and the couple were working in Xinxiang Jinxiang nearly 20 years of successful business, happy experience made a personal statement made a speech sharing. At the end of the speech, leader of Gaochu Village Committee of Xiaodian Town Ruyang County presented the Jinfeng Cashmere banner at the scene for embroidery with "Hongze poor mountain education, boosting rural poverty alleviation". At this point, the presence of local parents, family members, teachers and students reported a warm, long-lasting applause ...

Then, Mrs. Xu Yuqin, the wife of the chairman of Xinfeng Group, distributed 150 beautiful school bags and stationery for school children and donated 8 computers, 3 air conditioners, 2 table tennis tables and a large desk for the village committee and school. On-site, but also for family members of Xinfeng staff points points rice, noodles, oil, a total of 200 copies. In a cheerful atmosphere, children and adults gleefully reclaimed gifts.

A short two-day trip, all the way to visit all the way love. Under the guidance of Chairman Miao Cunliang, Xinfeng Group has made remarkable contributions to local social and economic development through its 28-year pioneering and striving forward development. Meanwhile, Miao Cunliang, the chairman of the board, has the courage to assume social responsibility and be good at world affairs , Righteousness Quartet's noble morality, won the community's consistent praise of the moral reputation! In this regard, all foreign employees are willing to work in Xinfeng Group happy family smooth, income backgammon! I wish the family members of the general family happiness and well-being! I wish Yu Ruyang tomorrow will be better! Wish Xinfeng Group future unlimited good!



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