Athletes Of Xinfeng Won The Championship

- Jan 03, 2018 -

December 13th Foshan high tech Zone basketball Carnival series of activities 2017, Foshan national high tech Zone "Guangfo New World Cup" 100 enterprises basketball tournament Foshan open group finals in Shishan stadium to face the summit .Finally, Nanhai Xinfeng Composite Materials Co.,Ltd defeated last year's defending champion Huang Yongshun 108 - 94 to win the first Foshan municipal open team champion!

At this point, the 2017 Foshan high-tech zone "Guangfo New World Cup" hundred enterprises basketball tournament lasted three months perfect curtain. A group of figures tell workers this event intensity and the degree of concern: Foshan TV broadcast live throughout, 106 business teams, 1500 athletes and coaches, 190 games, over 1 million people through online and offline activities of attention and the focus of this wonderful series of game .

The offensive layup, the scramble, the cap, the rebounds, the three points of the press whistle... Turn on in turn and the whole scene. "The South China Sea Xinfeng will win!" "Huang Yongshun refuels!" A burst of refueling and cheering sounds all over the stadium! Many people live All seats are occupied. early came to the stadium, waiting for the start of the game. Before the game of our company, the game was first played in the season, and the new Dongyuan stainless steel won the season. New Dongyuan in Foshan basketball circle is a well-known enterprise, enjoy a certain number of sound, our company is also from the 16 strong breakthrough in the war to him, the strength of extraordinary.

The finals of the world's attention began, and the hot dance of the basketball baby's vitality opened the prelude to the championship. In order to be more appreciating, the 8 strong events will allow two foreign players to compete in the top two tournaments according to the specifications of CBA. The foreign players will enjoy the "three minutes of rain" on the spot, and the domestic players will also come to me, which is comparable to CBA.

Our opponent Huang Yongshun is the champion of last year, this year they also aimed at defending the goal, when the reporter interviewed Huang Yongshun leader Li Zhiqiang, the other leader said although the South China Sea Xinfeng hundred enterprises champion, but the formation structure is very good, the outwire three points, the game is bound to be an uphill battle! We Xinfeng in the South China Sea for the first time this year to enter the finals, let the players motivated, because opponents should not be underestimated, we are actively preparing for the game, when a reporter to interview our team players Pan Yaozhong Department of business, our Xinfeng representative's reply: this event let employees more unity, improve our cohesion. Hundred enterprises in Foshan basketball more and more high level players, increasingly high quality, can be seen throughout the Buddha region attaches great importance to the sports activities, the South China Sea Xinfeng is honored to stand in the final stage. After the players and the Xinfeng cheerleading disdain efforts, Xinfeng won the title of Nanhai district .

Behind the brilliant achievements, we cannot do without the support and training of enterprises. The company directly supports the basketball team's activities with the trade union, arranges two professional training courses and 8 basketball matches every month. In addition to the coordination of the players' work, the enterprises also grant additional subsidies to improve the enthusiasm of the players. The chairman of the board of chairman Deng also pointed out that in the enterprise recruitment of talent, we have the consciousness to look for the special person in this field. A group of basketball loving employees closely condense together, which can help a group of people to enter the corporate culture and retain talents.


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