Activity Of Watching Inspirational Movie Together

- Nov 10, 2017 -

In order to promote the corporate culture, also enrich our amateur life, and deliver the positive energy in living and working , Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co.,Ltd organized the activity of watching the inspirational comedy movie --- the iron fist of shame yesterday evening .

At 7pm , we had already gathered in the square in front of the cinema and ready to wat ch the comedy movie . At that time , Mr.Wang , who is the senior assistant of general manager , gave a speech about the movie watching tips and hoped  we can relax ourselves after work and feel the positive energy and work harder for a better living .

 When watching the film, constantly heard sounds of laughter in the cinema, we all laughed, it seems this movie comedy effect is extraordinary. About the content of the film, although it is a comedy, but it shows a very positive story , plus the actors superb acting, the film just connect the inspiration and delight perfectly , and help us absorbing this positive energy slowly in the process of viewing .

We hope to participate in more exciting activities in the future , and let the positive attitude and hard working become the characteristics of our Xinfeng people.


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