5S Weekly Checking

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Keep it clean and keep it in order is one of the regulations of our manufacturing shop management , so , we have a very strict demand to the 5S . Every Thursday , the 5s team look around the whole factory , including workshop and offices to see if they obey the requirement of the regulation .

Today , the 5s team check the whole factory just like the usual , they have very strict 5s standards , if somewhere is dirty or something isn't placed in order and etc , then they will mark and report to the leader of every department and require them to solve the issue and keep everything in order . Gladly , everything is going well , and the 5s record is very satisfying .

We believe weekly 5s checking can help our company become more clearn and guarantee our high quality of our products . We will keep doing something like 5s to make our brand become more competitive because we always try to offer our customer the best .



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