40 Gsm Glassine Release Paper

- Jan 23, 2019 -

As the rapid development of e-commerce , the shipping / logistics label is now widely used in the whole world .40 gsm glassine release paper is the main backing material of shipping label since it has the advantages of low price but great application value . 

In the past , we usually use the way bill which is consist of several paper layers and we have to sign in the information of recipients and senders with a pen . But now , the shipping / logistics label is replacing the traditional waybill because it does have many advantages .

Firstly , way bill has bigger size and more paper layers than shipping label , and that means using shipping label can help us save more paper pulp and cut down the production cost . 

Secondly , we can obtain the information of the parcels easily just by scaning the bar code on the label , and that can help to increse the speed of identification process 

Xinfeng Group has been producing 40 gsm.glassine release paper for years and we also cooperate with the biggest shipping label manufacturer in China . We can provide high-quality glassine release paper with a reasonable price .

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